New Year, New You | Yoga + Juicing

When a new year makes its first appearance, we know what most people are thinking. What do the next 365 days hold for my life? Many people strive for better diet habits, more exercise, and new motivation. After all, ‘get in shape’ tops almost every list on the Internet for New Year’s resolutions! There is something about a clean calendar that evokes a beautiful opportunity for a new start. This year, instead of idealizing about improving ourselves and creating unachievable lists that make us feel inadequate, we want to live presently and purposefully. A way of feeding our minds and bodies is with life-giving relationships, laughter, and simple care for our spirits. We are so thrilled to be hosting a free yoga class in the store once monthly, thanks to Rachel at Corepower Yoga. We had a full house a couple weeks ago, and we will be announcing the next class date soon!

In addition to yoga, juicing is another incredible way to care for the body. The Chalkboard Mag is one of our favorite blogs related to health and well-being, and includes a host of juicing articles and recipes. Go here to read about detoxifying and repairing the body by boosting your juice cleanse. In helping our bodies be the best they can, it makes the unseen ideals like intentionality and presence come naturally. As the veggies and fruits get juiced, we hope they allow the goodness of life to be juiced along with them.


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