Season of Love | A Gift Guide

By Kelli Kroneberger

Valentine’s Day enlivens love in its most basic form; there are no reservations to whom we can show our appreciation and affection to. However, finding the right gift to give people who receive love differently than us is a struggle. But there’s no more need to think, “it was the thought that counts”! 

Different love languages call for unique ways of showing our love to significant others, friends, and family. We have put together a gift guide for Valentine’s Day using the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman so you can choose what your loved one needs.


The Lover of Touch

Love language: physical touch

People speaking the language of touch spread their excitement, love, and consolation with access to your physical presence. If cares and concerns can be displayed to a loved one with touch, their heart comes alive. Gifts that speak this appreciation for their touch will be the most meaningful.

Gift Ideas: Bella Luxx soft fabric tees, Earth Tu Face skincare, Rosebud Salve lip balm

The Servant

Love language: acts of service

Sharing love with a servant-hearted person sometimes looks like vacuuming floors, fixing a friend’s car, or baking cookies for a gathering. People who feel loved by acts of service see your care for them through concrete favors that take away from their workload. Take a load off your loved one by giving back to them for all their responsibilities!

Gift Ideas: smoked chocolate chips for baking, kitchen accessories, containers for organization/cleaning 

The Gift-Giver

Love language: gifts

More than the yearly birthday present for a gift-giver is the everyday thoughtfulness that leads to little gestures. People feeling loved by gifts will recognize your love through perfect offerings that show you know them and you care for them. This one is up to you - whatever you may find that speaks the soul of your gift-giving friend is a treasure for them.

Gift Ideas: Moglea letterpress cards, Leah Duncan pillows, Olive + Sinclair chocolate, Skeem candle

The Encourager

Love language: words of affirmation

Send the spirits of the encourager to the sky with words explaining all the things you adore about them during this season of love. Any kind of personal encouragement for them, whether written in words or inspirational reading, will speak their love language. Select an issue from our influential magazines or write some love into our beautiful stationery to affirm your loved one.

Gift Ideas: Jenny Pennywood notebooks, Moglea stationary set, Darling Magazine, Kinfolk Magazine

The Friend

Love language: quality time

What better way to show a friend they are extraordinary and cherished than with your undivided presence! The friend is simply there for you - their quality time with you is a priority, and they feel just as appreciated with reciprocated companionship. Pick up a gift from the shop that will set you and your friend or loved one up for a day of laughter and memories.

Gift Ideas: Nisolo shoes for adventures, Boutonne tote, Handmade Studio TN mugs cup coffee together


*All gifts can be found in-store and select pieces online. 




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