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Erin represents what the bravest creators dare to be; a go-getter. There are no rules when you are a go-getter. There are no tomorrows - there are only ‘let’s go’s”. She envisioned a symbol of hope and it exists today as Boutonné since 2012. Her first collection for the San Diego brand has evolved into a worldwide line of leather bags and accessories. Boutonné’s belief is that all goods should be handmade and American-made in house.

Erin says the heartbeat of the company is “to provide quality handmade goods to the loyal boutonné customer, to work hard + stay humble”.

1. How did the idea of Boutonne come about?

One big, fat leap of faith into the unknown.

2. What is your favorite piece you’ve designed? What does it represent to you or about you?

Oh gosh. That is soo hard. I’ve never put anything out there that I haven't loved or that hasn't been a representation of me in some way. Each piece has such a huge piece of my heart in it. I will tell you what I carry on a week to week basis ... the all leather tote + a new bucket tote that is coming in the spring. Get excited!! ;)

3. Which person has encouraged you most in your career?

Hands down, God.

4. How do you become inspired? How frequently do you find yourself in need of new inspiration?

I feel so so lucky to have inspiration come in many forms. It can come from a kind email from a customer, sharing stories with a customer in the shop, days off in the sunshine, but mostly, I think my main inspiration comes from these three: God, my family + the incredible, hard-working, talented women in my life. I feel incredibly blessed to have such a driven group of gals in my life who push me everyday to keep going + become better + better each day.  

5. What life experiences bring about the most creative fuel in your life?

To be completely transparent: my failures, my lows, my ugly. I use all of those things as fuel to try harder + create something beautiful. If you are open to it, your mistakes can teach you so much about life. You just have to move past the phase of being paralyzed by guilt, realize you are not perfect, use those things + move on. I call this “putting my big girl pants on + dealing with life”.

6. What is the one thing you want people to know of you or about you, personally or professionally?

Oh goodness. This is a hard thing to narrow down, but when I think about the most important thing to me + in my life, I guess that makes it easy. People! Loving people. Helping people. I think it is such a beautiful thing when you connect with another human + are able to do life with them; real life. Help them. I live for real relationships, long talks, realizations, learning ... how to be a better human + how to love greater. I love connecting with people on deep levels + having powerful deep talks about life + love. You know, the kind where you end up crying + hugging at the end. There is soo much life there. It is my hope that I can build my brand + integrate giving into my business. When I grow up I want to be a philanthropist.


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