Raw Denim Might Change Your Life

When crazes about $200 jeans circulate through both men’s and women’s styles, it strikes with a force of interest. How could these jeans be this amazing? Trust us, they are. Perhaps this post can shed some light on the phenomenon that is raw denim.


Raw denim is denim in its purest form that has never been washed or treated with chemicals. It is sturdily constructed with a rigid feel and crisp look. Basically, it is the only way to attain the most perfectly vintage-looking jeans, worn in and flatteringly faded. Creases form and fades arise in a way that reflects only the person who wears them! They are a completely authentic reflection of your unique life lived in those jeans. Other vintage denim has been distressed in a factory, but with raw denim, just like a layered oil painting, your life experiences create the canvas you wear.


Unlike many goods in our world, raw denim supports both the protection of our environment and ethical labor. Normal jeans have been washed so they are preshrunk and softer, yet the washing process is the most detrimental to the environment. Additionally, the “distressing” process of jeans is very harmful to the health of factory workers. The simple and low-maintenance creation of raw denim is much more friendly to those who make it. These jeans are made with such value that the amount you pay is worth over 1,000 wears!



When choosing the pair that will bear all your adventures, nights of laughter, and productive hours, here are some pointers. If you have short legs, mid-rise will be more flattering than low-rise. The higher the waist, the longer your legs will look. Check the back pockets as well; wider-set pockets make the booty look good ;).

Adding to the authenticity factor, raw denim is not supposed to be washed initially. If they are worn every day, they should be washed 6 months later. If you alternate jeans, they should be washed a year later. They will be uncomfortable for the first week, but take courage! After you put some mileage on them, they will be the most comfortable jeans you’ve ever worn, for decades to come.

“By the time the first wash rolls around, your jeans have become a veritable diary of your daily life. They’ve tread dirty city streets, trekked dusty mountain paths, sat bunched up in lecture halls and offices - everything you’ve done, your raw pair of jeans has done. The fades, from the whiskers to the combs, are authentic and could only be born of he who chose to wait”
- A Beginner's Guide To Raw Denim

When it comes time for the metamorphosis, wash the jeans alone in a washing machine on the gentlest and shortest cycle at a low temperature (ideally, using a small amount of Woolite Dark) and hang dry. Hand washing is also recommended over a washing machine. The first wash will change the color of the denim because the dye is finally being washed out. Your raw denim jeans have now been painted over with a fresh layer of life. What will the next layer hold?

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