Farewell to Linden St. || An Interview with Owner Amanda Longacre

Farewell to Linden St. || An Interview with Owner Amanda Longacre

By Amanda Hersh

Farewell to Linden St. || An Interview with Owner Amanda Longacre
To celebrate Sunday Supply's time on Linden Street in Old Town Fort Collins, we interviewed owner Amanda Longacre for insight into the shop's three year journey. With her usual grace and generosity she continually highlights the people as the best part of Sunday. Stay tuned for our new shop location, and in the mean time see new arrivals online and come visit us at one of our pop-up shops
You opened Sunday Supply three years ago. Can you share a few memories from the opening weeks? 
Opening the doors of Sunday Supply was such a whirlwind! We hustled through a 5 week buildout that covered this place in more brick dust than you could ever imagine. After a lot of work and TLC, we filled the space with inventory and opened our doors to customers on October 7th. I can still remember the feeling of that first day. Kelli and I had poured so much time and love and energy into bringing this dream to life and had no idea what to expect. And it exceeded all of our expectations! I also remember how little the shop seemed back then. We filled it with as much inventory and fixtures as we thought were needed and looking back at the photos of our beginning stages is quite funny. The place was just as beautiful, just much "slimmer" than it grew to be. There were so many milestones and learning curves from those first days and weeks that I will hold onto forever and continue to look back and laugh at! 

What are some of your favorite memories of Sunday Supply on Linden? 
When I think of Linden Street, I think of it as a hidden gem of Old Town. It has been incredible to start and grow the business here, and the neighbors cannot be beat. The dream and heart of Sunday Supply has always been about so much more than retail, and we watched that dream become a reality in this sweet little space. We've hosted concerts and pop-ups for women who are now dear friends. We've held private shopping events and thrown parties and wedding showers, and I'll never forget how fun our first Christmas at the shop was! Not long after opening, I met my husband in this space and about a year later walked in to find my closest friends and family gathered at the store for a surprise engagement party. 
Christmas Party at Sunday Supply Co.

What is the most challenging thing about being a small business owner?
Being a small business owner, I've found myself in a constant battle to find a healthy work-life balance. Running a business has required a different kind of work ethic and carried with it a weight of responsibility that can feel all consuming and endlessly demanding. I have had to make tough decisions regarding my time and ultimately learn when to stop. There is always more that can be done when you own a business and the reality of that requires insane boundaries that have to be fought for and protected. I feel like I've learned what "enough" looks like over these past three years and have defined my own success and productivity in such a new way.  

What do you attribute Sunday Supply's success to? 
Sunday Supply's success is entirely defined by the people within it. I had the huge privilege of launching this business alongside some of the most talented, wonderful, business-minded friends, and it is continually carried and sustained by the community around it. From its loyal customers, to my supportive family and friends this place has grown to be what it is today because of the people that have stepped into the vision and said "yes" to it. We set out to create a retail experience that was unique, intentional, and set apart here in Old Town, and the people that have filled this space and supported this business the past three years have been that mark of success. 
How do you stay inspired? 
By people and places! I feel deeply encouraged by the community of people that I live life with and feel genuinely inspired watching people that I love choose to live the day-to-day with grace and humility and tenacity. Life is so full when we feel free to take risks and so many of the risks that I've taken on my own have been inspired and encouraged by people around me that have set that example. Second to people, I love new environments. Whether it's walking into a new business here in town or visiting another city or country, there is so much inspiration to be gained by entering into a place that has been dreamt and designed and created from someone else's vision. It is always so refreshing and eye-opening to see the intentionality and creativity that comes from so many different perspectives. 
What do you love about doing business in Fort Collins? In Old Town? 
Fort Collins is such a fun and unique city. It has a heartbeat of its own and the city and business owners genuinely work to identify and protect that. Old Town is fun and vibrant... enchanting even, and I would say that doing business down here has felt like all of those things. There is never a dull moment in Old Town and there is a genuine sense of community that truly makes doing business down here feel like you are a part of a greater whole.  
What are you most excited about moving forward? 
There have been so many dreams that have come to life in Sunday Supply over the past 3 years, and I am so excited to see more of them become a reality. From designing our new space and expanding our inventory to hosting larger events and gathering the community, I am so excited to see the continued potential of Sunday Supply grow. 
How can Sunday Supply customers stay in touch during the transition?
The best way to stay connected with us during the transition is to sign up for our newsletter and follow along with us on Instagram. We'll be hosting pop-up shops with lululemon in September and announcing all of the details through our social media accounts. As always, we're open 24/7 online!


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