Our Story

Sunday Supply Co. Fort Collins boutique owners


Our story begins on a February evening in 2014 while gathering with friends.  We were lamenting about the minimal lifestyle shops in town that offered something unique and inspiring. Amanda from Atlanta, with a love for rare and beautiful products and a dream to open her own store, and Kelli from the midwest, with an eye for raw yet refined design and a background in business. Together we share an appreciation for authentic, well-crafted clothing and lifestyle goods. We committed to meeting once a week to discuss whether this "idea" was a winner or just another idea. Several conversations, endless cups of coffee, eight months passed, and just like that we have our very own brick and mortar shop in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado.

When you enter through our heavy, historic door, you will find a collection of quality apparel, accessories, and denim combined with well-crafted home goods we hand selected with an easy yet sophisticated lifestyle in mind. You'll find yourself in a space where you feel at home, welcomed, without force or judgement. With time it is our hope to create an inviting space where we call our customers friends, for we believe the best friendships happen organically, over time, and without compromise. 

Here's to many memories and even more friendships.


Kelli + Amanda   


Driven by a love for quality and intentional time with the people we care for most, Sunday Supply was named from memories of casual afternoons filled with good people and good conversation. Sundays are days to rest, reset, and effortlessly enjoy the company of those around us. We hope our shop will be just that - a place where a wellspring of friendships are made and daily living is continually refreshed and inspired.