Meadow Linen Tea Towel

$ 30.00
With patterns and colors to add something special to any kitchen, these 100% organic linen tea towels are the ones you’ll always reach for. Sustainably made, ethically produced, made to last. The Beauty Of Linen We love linen’s ability to capture that refined-casual feel, but even more so because of its inherently beneficial properties. One of the most ancient textiles in the world, linen has stood the test of time and is made to last. The entire flax plant is used in production, requiring very little water and no pesticides or fertilizers to grow, making it the preferred choice for sustainability. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic, linen absorbs and dries more quickly than cotton. Use it often, use it well. - 100% organic, OEKO-TEX certified linen - Pre-softened - Suitable for washers and dryers, hang dry to keep wrinkle-free - Designed in LA by Our Heiday - Ethically produced and digitally printed by a small production house in Lithuania