Letter From A Shop Girl

Letter From A Shop Girl

By Emily Beard

Letter From A Shop Girl

Letter From A Shop Girl

To all the people who walk through our door––the women taking a well-deserved day to themselves, the moms pushing strollers with newborns napping, the partners shopping for the perfect gift, the students on a study break, the tourists discovering this town for the first time and the locals who feels like family––thank you.  



Sunday Supply was created out of a love for community, connection, and celebrating the simple, beautiful things in life. And as we celebrate our 7th birthday, we can’t help but think of all the people who make this place more than a brick and mortar boutique. The role of a shop girl might seem simple: to work in a shop, welcoming customers and telling them all about the latest arrivals on our racks. In reality it is one of the most rewarding roles we could have, thanks to you. Whether it’s finding small world moments over the newest batch of Heritage and Bloom earrings, bonding over a mutual love for good quality denim, or hearing about the person whose birthday card you’re purchasing; it’s truly the relationships across the counter that brings us joy and makes Sunday Supply a community as well as a shop. 

Being a shop girl also comes with an important responsibility: to lift one another up and celebrate the beauty we see in each other. And what we’ve learned in seven years of Sunday Supply, is that there is beauty everywhere. How lucky are we to be inspired by you, the people we meet everyday. We hope you feel as excited to walk through our doors as we are to welcome you here! 

Whether you’ve seen them on our Instagram or you’ve had the pleasure of meeting them in person, here are the friendly faces of Sunday Supply’s Shop Girls!

Amanda | Marietta, Georgia

Ideal Sunday: Church followed by brunch at Little. Naptime for the babies at home and then a walk down Mountain Ave. I love to end the day with a great book!

Birthday Note:

Dear Sunday Supply,

I can't believe that you're 7 and that I've kept you alive for this long!  You've given me grey hairs and the sweetest memories. I Love You. Cheers to 7 years and many more. 

Best Sunday Purchase: My leather Boutonne Bag! It's my absolute favorite. 

Emma | Littleton, Colorado

Ideal Sunday: a slow morning sleeping in, drinking Human Bean chai, going to church, and having Sunday brunch.

Birthday Note:

Dear Sunday Supply,

You have brought a calmness to the busiest of days and new friendships with some of the best women. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to get to know our community and to fill my wardrobe with the cutest of clothes. Working here for this past month has been the biggest treat.



Best Sunday Purchase: the cutest Hayden floral skirt. It has become one of my faves!

Lindsey | Lone Tree, Colorado

Ideal Sunday: Wake up and take the pup on a walk to Little Bird for my morning coffee, head to church, and slow afternoon! 

Birthday Note: 

Dear Sunday Supply,

Thank you for bringing people together, and helping them look good in the process.  

Love, LL

Best Sunday Purchase: A cute little black jumpsuit that has lasted me a couple of years!

Jenna E. | New Mexico

Ideal Sunday: Coffee on the porch, church, brunch, an afternoon spent outside, and a night around the fire pit with people I love

Birthday Note:

Dear Sunday,

You're the best and the coziest. You bring a whole lot of people a whole lot of joy, and you create space for so many sweet souls from so many walks of life to feel seen, known, and celebrated. I'm so grateful for you and for the chance to be a Sunday girl. Happy Birthday!

With love, Jenna

Favorite Purchase: My Debbie Drifters from Unpublished!

Aubin | Castle Pines, Colorado

Ideal Sunday: 

I love waking up, making coffee, and heading to church with my roommates! I love being outside and spending time with all my people. I always try to give myself some time to rest before the week starts and it's just the best! 

Birthday Note:

Dear Sunday Supply, 
This shop is a space where everyone belongs. Thank you for creating an uplifting environment that makes sure others feel confident and cared for. Oh, and I like your style ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Best Sunday Purchase: Cody Jacket Lt. Brown <3

Laura | Dallas, Texas

Ideal Sunday:  Slow morning with coffee on the deck and puppy snuggles, followed by a hike and a happy hour!
Birthday Note: 
Dear SS,
Your way of making me feel at home on your shop has helped to feel at home in my body…having beautiful clothes to put on each day is one way I can work on my journey of feeling more comfortable in my skin! Thanks for being a part of this journey, happy birthday to my one-stop shop for all the things!
Best Sunday Purchase:  Oh gosh. I can’t! Maybe my Lotta clogs but this is too hard. Also the soul candle is single-handedly responsible for getting me through each semester of grad school.

Jenna S. | Robbinsdale, MN

Ideal Sunday:  Slow Morning coffee, a good book (usually historical fiction LOL) and a trip to Ramamama! If you haven’t been, you MUST get their dumplings ;)
Birthday Note: 
Dear Sunday Supply,
Thank you for making Fort Collins feel like home, I am forever grateful for the amazing people I’ve been able to be around and learn from! Happy Birthday to my fav little shop!!
Best Sunday Purchase:  Definitely the “Mills Tote” by Boutonne… I get so many compliments every time I carry it!!

Lori | St.Louis, Missouri

Ideal Sunday: SLEEPING IN (best with cool sheets and lots of blankets) and then a steaming cup of heavily creamed coffee, church with loved ones, and then brunch with a tasty bloody mary. Then a long walk or bike ride and a good book snuggled up on the couch. 
Birthday Note:
My Dear Sunday,
You have given me so much - a new and improved wardrobe, a work family, and daily inspiration that lightens and brightens my life. You make life sweeter and more colorful than I ever thought possible! Your commitment to integrity, grace, and beauty makes you one of a kind. I just love you to pieces.
Thanks for the mems! Looking forward to making many more.
- LoLo
Best Sunday Purchase: Probably my black denim OAT jacket or the millions of Le Bon shop socks I've accumulated. 

Emily | Denver, Colorado

Ideal Sunday:  Wake up, make some coffee and head to church! Post church brunch with my friends, spend time outside, and end the day with a sunset hike to prepare for the week ahead! 

Sunday Note:
Dear Sunday Supply,
I have been impacted by the place and people that fill this space. You are so inviting and loving. Thank you for your encouragement and the way you take care of everyone you encounter. I love you, Sunday. Happy birthday! 
p.s. Can I borrow your clothes forever? 
Xoxo, EM 
Best Sunday Purchase:  My orange/cream set from salt!